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Christ is risen

Mark Robinson

  • The Lord is risen indeed!

On this day life begins anew.

Life began for Mary, Salome and Mary as the sun rose and they came with their spices to anoint Jesus’ body and found the tomb empty. Life began when Mary saw the Risen Lord!

Life began for Simon Peter and John, after they too saw the empty tomb and John believed.

Life began for the disciples when the Risen Lord appeared to them in the locked room and their doubts turned to hallelujahs.

Life began for them when they stopped being afraid.

Life began for them when they dared to believe that the risen Christ, the living, walking, talking Christ made a difference in their lives; and life began for them when they believed this to be true, even when they could not explain it nor understand it.

On this day, God interrupted death by overcoming it, and life begins anew.

This is a new day — a day has begun in which a major change occurred to how we are to live and understand life, death and our relationship with God.


——- Mark & Tessa

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