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  • But that was Friday

betrayed by Judas
arrested, tried and sentenced overnight
wickedness moved swiftly.
He was tortured and whipped
humiliated, violated and depleted
too weak to carry the cross further
when forced to, Simon of Cyrene carried it

nailed to a cross
at a place called — The Skull.
For six long hours
Jesus hanged there, pinned to the cross
stripped bare, mocked, jeered.
clothes ripped, divided and wagered
death advanced — and the women waited there.

Mary, Salome, Mary, and others
there to the very end
at last, Jesus cried out
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!”
And when he breathed his last
darkness covered the land.
Despair, pain, grief and panic set in
for it appeared as if it was finished.

Before the start of the Sabbath day,
God’s Son’s body was taken away
down from the cross to Arimathea’s unused tomb
But is it finished?
Because that was Friday
And Sunday is still to come!

Praises be to God!!!

——- Mark & Tessa


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