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Hope and despair

Mark Robinson

  • Where does hope and where does despair come from?

When we look around us at events across the globe, we see that these are difficult times.

When things are going good, it’s easy to trust God, in fact sometimes things are so good we even forget God. But when things take a turn for the worse, when we’re suffering or we see disaster, and hurt, we sometimes doubt and question our faith.

Sometime ago I saw a woman being pulled out of rubble after being buried for a week under tons of concrete and metal, some had died, but she survived and emerged praising God. What gave her the strength and the courage and the passion to praise God so fervently after such a terrible ordeal.

I sat with a man who had survived many battles during World War II, but the ordeal of Dunkirk was too much. He emerged convinced that there was no God. His experiences of war totally eroded his faith. What gave him the passion to proclaim that there is no God.

Do both hope and despair come from the same place? Can either hope or despair emerge from similar circumstances?

I am convinced that God can and does use setbacks in our lives to propel us forward; to help give us the strength and courage to face the challenges and joys that are ahead of us. It is our job then to allow it to happen.

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