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She entered the house

rightly knowing what was to come.
She was not well received,
yet she did not leave.
She had broken into Jesus’ midst
remaining there, she would grieve.

But through her tears
she would recall all Jesus had done
for the dispossessed, the oppressed
and for everyone in-between and far-flung.
This man made her know once and for all
that yes, I exist! It’s a breakthrough — I belong!

There at his feet
she was jaw dropping
she broke open her alabaster jar
the smell of love to the Heavens rising
generously anointing from head to toe
our saviour — our treasure!

She looked up at him
as she began to pour amid loud protestations
the purest and finest outpour.
Anointing Jesus was breaking through
with the highest praise, and she did it boldly
and in full measure!

On his feet, tears and oil glowing
tears of pain and sacred oil intermingling.
Everything said with only her action
words spoken would have posed a distraction.
Soon he would break free from sorrowful pain.
He would endure it no more, not ever again.

——- Mark & Tessa

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