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To experience the Spirit

Mark Robinson

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There are times when we yearn to experience God’s Spirit anew and to speak the language of praise. Each of us has been filled with the breath of life, and are given by grace the ability to enter Pentecost and receive the gift of the Spirit.

I sometimes stand in awe at the greatness of God’s creation, and yet can sometimes feel the presence of God with me. So that the same God that, ‘gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist,’ and who put lights in the dome of the sky, can speak peace, love and care to each of us individually and in community.

I hope that for those in my care I am able to proclaim the hope that God has given us in Jesus Christ, and when we see that we can be in conversation with God and when we see that God walks alongside us in Joy and sadness, my hope is that we are awakened to a new realisation that God is here with us, just as we were promised.

We sometimes become preoccupied with the things we want, with the stresses of life and a desire to be successful; but what is important in all of life’s challenges and distractions is not so much to be successful in those things that give us self importance but rather to remember that we are all filled with the breath of life. A breath that flows within us and is there solely by the grace of God. 

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